Vision AI meets real-time actionable analytics.

Realize 360 degree benefits from actionable analytics by utilizing your existing CCTV infrastructure.
We Are Dedicated to Improving the Daily Lives of Our Customers.
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Moii's Solutions.

Real Estate

CCTV analytics offer a wealth of information that can be harnessed to make informed decisions in the real estate industry.


Leverage AI to analyze video data in real-time and enhance security by detecting unusual activities.


Analyze video data, providing insights about customer behavior and enhance store operations.


Use AI to analyze video data, enhancing safety and productivity by detecting incidents, managing intrusions, and counting people.


Enhance safety by detecting unusual activities, managing access, and a whole lot more.


AI-powered CCTV analytics in hospitals improves safety, controls access, and observes patient behavior.

Smart Cities

Enhance public safety, manage traffic, and monitor urban mobility.


Improve safety, streamline traffic, and optimize logistics.

How We Do It.

5.0 million

Hours analysed


Key events notifications

$0.5 million

Avg. savings per client

What our clients say.

“The Moii platform produces valuable information used to facilitate productive business decisions benefitting expense controls, resident experience, and development efforts across our portfolio.”

Mario Gaztambide

Head of Residential Real Estate, LeFrak

“Moii's plug and play system delivers analytics without having to tear down current infrastructure or reinvest in expensive equipment.”

Michael Rea

Director of IT and Security, Realty Operations Group

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